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Annual Report_2016-17 Notice for 32nd Annual General Meeting
Director's Report
Auditor's Report for the period ended 31st March, 2017
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"Board meeting held on 12.02.2015 to consider Unaudited Financial Results for the quarter ended on 31st December 2014 and to appoint Independent Director on the Board."

"Formal Letter of Appointment of Independent Director"
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History & Milestones
Year Major Events and Milestone
19th December 1984 Incorporation of the Company
22nd December 1984 Certificate of Incorporation
May 1985 Came up with its IPO for 2,47,993 equity shares at Rs. 10 per share and got listed at Delhi Stock Exchange
07th January 2000 The company increased its Authorised share capital from Rs. 25,00,000 to Rs. 3 crores and Prefrential Allotment or Private Placement of 18,70,500 Equity Shares
16th March 2000 Listing and trading approval for 27,50,000 Equity shares each bearing distinctive no.s from 2,48,001 to 29,98,000 alloted under preferential allotment.
13th January 2001 The company increased its Authorised Share Capital from Rs. 3 crores to Rs 5Crores by addition of 20 lakh equity shares of Rs. 10 each.
19th November 2001 Company got registered with Reserve Bank of India to carry on the business of Non Deposit Accepting Non Banking Financial Company registered.
16th June 2010 Trading Approval for 20,00,000 equity shares each bearing distinctive no.s from 29,98,001 to 49,98,000
30th August 2013 Company sub divided the face value of equity shares of Rs 10 each into Re.1 per share
03rd December 2013 Company came up with its Public Announcement for Open Offer.
25th February 2014 Confirmation for activation of Demat Connectivity with CDSL and allotment of new ISIN after sub-division of shares.
11th March 2014 Obtained NOC from DSE for completion of all compliances and confirmation for proposal of listing of securities at Delhi Stock Exchange and confirmation for sub-division of shares into face value of Re. 1 per share.
18th June 2014 Share Capital Listed on Bombay Stock Exchange.
20th June 2014 Trading of shares commences at Bombay Stock Exchange