Venture Capital
Pre-Investment Process
The process of taking an investment decision broadly includes the following steps :
a. Preliminary discussions and meeting with promoters and group
b. Submission of new venture or new process by the promoters
c. Due-diligence of project and appraisal
d. Investment decision or any further direction required
Post Investment Role
We aim at long term relationship with the entrepreneur. Besides financing, we are trying to play an active role through :
Value Addition: We adds value to our investee companies by closely associating with entrepreneurs in upgrading management systems, formulating and implementing growth strategies, marketing tie-ups, facilitating technological upgradations, etc., without interfering in day to day affairs.
Advisory Services: CTL is also providing the advisory services to our investees for better development of their venture and for their growth
Syndication of Investment: After assessing requirement of funds of investee Companies, we helps them for Syndicate investment.
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