What is a personal loan?

Personal loan or a non collateral loan is one of the most common loans
which is being used by general people for a variety of purposes.
Sometimes it gets hard to buy something or pay off some credit card
debts with common income. Well, there is nothing to worry as personal
loans is the best option to avail. If you are planning to buy your dream
car, get married to the love of your life or planning a vacation to Paris
and you are short of money, then personal loan with very low interest
rates is always available for you.

Eligibility and terms

Personal loans is also known as unsecured loans because there is no
use of collateral. Collateral means an item of value that we will be in
possession of unless you repay the loan. If you fail to do so, then this
item of value will not be returned to you. But this does not apply to our
personal loans and the criteria we will be seeing is your past borrowing
history. But the biggest catch of personal loans is that it has higher
interest rates than secured loans. But our personal loans are still
reliable as they are totally based on your willingness to pay. The way
you have managed your past obligations will totally affect your chances
of getting a loan for any purpose. Your income and debts will be
verified and you will be given a credit grade. Depending on this credit
grade, the amount you want to borrow and the length of time you wish
to borrow, we will decide your personal rate. To avail a personal loan,
you should be minimum 21 years old and should possess valid
documents such as ID proof, income proof, residence proof among
other documents. Also the amount you need to pay every month can
be calculated by the personal loan calculator which will be available to
you. The freedom of choosing the tenure is also given to you which will
be verified by our company.


Our personal loans can be used for a variety of purposes. Debt
payments, education expenses, marriage expenses, vacation and credit
card bills can be payed with the help of personal loans. Due to fixed
interest rates and a definite time of payment makes our personal loans
safer than credit cards. Credit scoring systems will increase your credit
rating if you use personal loan. This is because installment debt is given
preference over revolving debts like credit cards. So don’t waste time
brooding and contact us immediately to get a personal loan of your