What is SME loan?

SME loan is usually the loan given out to small and medium enterprises. If you areplanning to expand your business which is still at the initial stages or if you are a middle class businessman, then SME loan is the best option to look out for. Capital for these enterprises are usually financed through bank loans , invoice, private equity or government funding. SME is one of the biggest employers for
the poor and middle class generation. It is vital part of the economy of our country. Supporting the establishment and growth of SME sector is very important If we want to see the economy of our country grow.

Eligibility and terms

We provide SME loans for proprietorship firms, partnership firms, manufacturing units, trading units, private limited companies, and public limited companies. The firm should have profits for the past two years and also be recognized under MSMED and the reserve Bank of India. Audited financial statement of last two years should be presented to us along with documents of the directors and the owners. SME loans usually involve collateral and we are take part ownership of your firm if you are unable to pay the debt.

Features and advantages of SME loans

The main reason small and medium enterprises shut down is because of lack of financial assistance at the need of the hour. Growing a business is tedious job and needs quite an amount of capital. Our SME loans are designed in such a way that the enterprises receive enough capital to keep them running. The interest rate and the amount of time to be replaced will be decided us and your enterprise. SME loans ensure credit flow to this sector and also keep an organized device to handle these loans. We strictly follow the SME loan policy according to which the amount of credit is decided to give to medium and small enterprises. We also ensure that timely credit is given to your enterprise to prevent it from shutting down. SME loans are very helpful and also the biggest factor for the success of many medium enterprises. If you believe that your small company or business is ready to grow and expand, then don’t waste time and contact us immediately.