Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Your Company is committed in fulfilling the Corporate Social Responsibility by contributing towards social and environmental causes. As a responsible corporate entity, we work towards the preservation of environment through various conservation programs. Your company is actively sustaining the spirit of Green Initiative, a worldwide adopted phenomenon to check the constantly increasing Global Warming, by deploying environmental friendly processes at work. The initiatives taken up by the Company includes, but does not restrict to, Motivational Program’s, E-documentation, and Energy Savers.

Your Company has implemented various motivational programs among its employees and also invites them to participate in management decisions, leading to appreciation of their confidence and thereby increasing overall productivity.

Various steps have been taken to minimize the use of paper. As the constant increase in the use of paper has lead to deforestation thereby increasing Global Warming. Your Company is also planning to adopt recycling of the waste paper. To reduce the usage of paper, the Company is practicing the concept of e-documentation and has also in furtherance to this concept and the Circular issued by Ministry of Corporate Affairs to allow paperless compliance, is developing an idea to send its Annual Report to the members through electronic mode.

The Company is also making efforts to keep a check on the usage of power by installing energy saver equipments at its work places. Awareness on energy conservation is extended among the employees to control the unnecessary use of power.

All these initiatives create a socially and ethically responsible business entity and helps in long term sustainability, ensuring value growth for our various stakeholders.