Capital Trade Links Limited

What is a corporate loan?

A loan given to a company for a particular business endeavor is known as businessloan. If your business needs special economic assistance, then corporate loansallow you to access these opportunities and make your business grow. Corporatefunding might also involve seeking loans from multiple banks and specializedfinancial products.

Eligibility and terms

To avail our corporate loans, your corporation needs to fulfil some criteria. Yourbusiness should be established for at least two years. You should have turnover of1 crore and proven record of profit making. If you are unable to repay your debts,then any item of your possession that has a certain value will be confiscated. Ifyou are a medium enterprise, you can avail of only some parts of our corporate loan system which will be discussed in a pre scheduled meeting.

Advantages and benefits

Advantages of using our corporate loan facility is that it provides a way ofremoving your debts. We also have a very flexible system of repayment. The timeperiod of repayment will be mutually decided and will be according to thebenefits of your company. We also have special products designed exactly theway you want it and which can be accessed through our agent. We have special funding for eco friendly projects as our company is very much into conservationof energy. Low carbon projects and infrastructure development loans are alsoencouraged. The loaning system is very much according to the rules of the RBI. We have both secured and unsecured loan system. Interest rates are also veryaffordable but not constant as the interest rates will depend in the marketsituation. Accessing our corporate loans will give your company a major economicboost and fuel growth. Our financial experts will be available all the time in case adebacle arises. Contact us immediately if your company needs some major financial assistance and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.