Capital Trade Links Limited


We provide you the quickest and easiest way to get loan against security. It offers you a safe and secure financing. We help you to get loan against your securities, bonds, insurance, mutual funds and many other to fulfil all your financial needs. We give our best to provide you an easy and short procedure so that you don't have to bother much. We provide you a convenient online process and it is surely the best way to get funds without liquidation of your precious assets.

Wide list of assured security

Our company offers a list of securities which can be use as collateral for loan such as mutual funds, bonds, IPOs, ESOPs, shares and many other options that can be used. It makes it easy for choose from such wide range.

Easy documentation

We provide you loan with a few short procedure that makes it hassle free to avail the loan against security. There is no requirement for financial documentation.

Online account Access

We make it easier to check the online portal. It gives you all the necessary details of your loan, you can even make repayment and check the statement with just a click.

Relationship manager

We provide 24/7 service to our customers, so if you get any queries related to any loan issue you can easily contact us through mail or number you want.

High loan value

We try to fulfil your diverse loan requirements, we try to give you high loan value so it becomes affordable and manageable to put step forward to take loan against security.We give our best to our customers so they can take loan against security without any hassle.