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What is vehicle Loan?

Ever wanted to buy the car you saw your friend driving or saw it parked near youroffice. If that is the case and you are in need of money, then there is vehicle loanto look forward to. Vehicle loan is the amount you need to pay to the lender afterthe lender pays the full amount for the car . Vehicle loans are usually securedloans and collateral involved is the car. If you are unable to lay the debt in time,then we are entitled to the possession of the car. Non secured vehicle loans arealso available but for that to take place, you need to have a very high credit score. Usually unsecured loan are not available for vehicle loans as the vehicle involvedis always there to be used as collateral.

Eligibility and Terms

Our car loans are available for self employed individuals, single owned andpartnership firms, proprietors, societies and trusts. Do not take a vehicle loan ifyou already have previous debts or your salary doesn’t suffice the amount to bepaid. The vehicle will be confiscated if you are unable to pay. In case of unsecuredloan, a case will be filed and your credit history will be sent to any credit bureauwhich will In turn affect your credit score. We are not responsible for anydefective piece sold by the dealer and have the right to disclose any credit historyof yours to a credit bureau if asked to do so. To avail of the loan, you have toproduce valid ID proof, residence proof, CA verified income certificate, and othernecessary documents. The term of the debt will be decided by the company andalso the interest rates. The interest rates may vary depending upon the situation.

Benefits of Vehicle Loan

Buying a car is always a pain for regular salaried individuals due to rising prices ofthe cars . Our specialized vehicle loan enables you to pay for the car in amountsyou are comfortable with for a given period of time. This will save a lot of moneyto be spent at one go. Every loan come with interest, but our vehicle loans stillassure you of a foolproof way of obtaining a car without having to worry much about the money. To get a vehicle loan immediately, get in touch with us to see variety of loans available for you.